Our Expertise


TRANSCOOP, Agency for Transnational Training and Development is activated in the fields of planning and project management as well as in the elaboration of studies and the promotion of cooperation in national and transnational level.


The company specializes in:


  • Planning and Applying Tools for Local Entrepreneurship and Business Networking Promotion

  • Providing Support for Local Identity Promotion and Introduction Quality Policies

  • Improving the Touristic Profile of Regions and their Promotion as Tourism Destinations

  • Supporting the Promotion of Human Resources Development

  • Supporting the Improvement of the Quality of Life and creating a Cooperative Frame towards Sustainable Development.




 Our Philosophy 


Our company’s flexible organizational structure ensures effective activation of our partners with the most productive way. Depending on the nature of every new project, experienced coordinators establish specialized working groups, consisting of the most suitable scientific disciplines and constantly evaluated during the implementation of each project.


This way, an integrated planning, a detailed observation and a strict coordination of the project is ensured, while reliability and integrityof the services gives us the required added value to our projects and set the foundation for new challenges.


Theintegrated approach of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the projects renders the quality services provision feasible, fact that makes the company’s philosophy come true. The philosophy of TRANSCOOP can be summarized in the following phrase: “Efficient and effective response to every challenge, through the development and implementation of innovative solutions and contemporary tools focusing on people and the society”